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KALAMIRA was born from the idea that wall decor and decorative objects should bring beauty to life in your home. If you’re on a constant journey to bring exotic influences into your every day, step inside.


Handcrafted items


Looking for the perfect wall decor for your new home? Seeking just the right conversation piece to enhance your space? Step inside our collection.


At KALAMIRA, our goal isn’t only to beautify your home with emotive pieces you’ll enjoy. All of our decorative objects are hand-crafted in Madagascar. Made from Rosewood and aluminum, our items tell a striking and universal story. There’s a primitive, evocative feel to the atmosphere and people that’s unlike any other place in the world. It’s a blend of many cultures, the homage of nature’s fierceness, the quiet perfection of innate emotion. All of the artwork we carry tells the universal story of humanity. A mother’s love. A tragic loss. The stunning grace of daily life. The glow of a countenance when the rest of the world’s illusions are stripped away.

If you’re looking for wall decor or decorative pieces to evoke emotion. If you’d like your home to showcase artwork of stunning originality. If you have your fingertips on the pulse of the human experience and want your life to reflect your longing. KALAMIRA showcases handcrafted, beautiful pieces that will resonate with the real you. The artistic vision and materials are all original to this one of a kind space and people. The stories of our artwork highlight the differences throughout the world, while focusing on the reality of the human condition. With KALAMIRA, your decorative pieces are truly works of art. If you strive for unique pieces that tell a story, enter into the world of KALAMIRA.