5 Reasons to Use Baobab Oil for Hair And Skin

Perhaps you’ve heard of the captivating baobab trees that are most commonly found in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. But what you probably don’t yet know is the baobab fruit is one of the best superfoods in the world, and that baobab oil for hair and skin will do absolute wonders for your exterior appearance too.

Want to know how baobab oil for hair and skin can benefit you? Here are 5 reasons to start using it now.

1- Nourish and heal the skin

Aging skin or sun-damaged skin can really benefit from baobab oil. It penetrates deep down into the layers of the skin below the surface to restore skin to its former glory. Baobab oil is rich with vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents. It also absorbs quickly into your skin and won’t clog up pores or leave it feeling greasy. Because of this, it’s ideal for any skin type, leaving it soft, smooth and youthful.

2- Soothe dry, chapped lips

Since baobab oil is like a miracle for restoring dry skin to perfect hydration, the same result will be had for your lips. Simply rub a little bit onto your lips and you’ll never want to buy those flavored glosses again.

3- Resuscitate dull, dry hair

Whether you use too many heat styling products or have colored your hair to death, baobab oil helps bring it back to life. You can make a homemade hot oil treatment that will totally wow you. Mix baobab oil (1/3 cup) with jojoba oil (1/3 cup). Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil and mix them in a medium-sized bowl. Fill a larger bowl with boiling water and set the bowl with the oil mixture in the boiling water until the oil is hot. Massage the hot oil into your scalp and all the way down your strands to the ends, saving the remainder of unused oil for later. Wrap a hot wet towel around your head and keep it there until the towel is cool. Wash and condition your hair as usual. When you’re done, take just a little bit more and apply it to your hair but not the scalp to lock the moisture in.

4- Quell dry, itchy scalp

Baobab oil for hair is also a remarkable solution for dry, itchy scalp. If you mix a tablespoon of it with about 1/4-cup of softened coconut oil and just a couple drops of peppermint oil and whip it with a mixer, you’ll have a creamy, dreamy remedy. You’ll want to use it on your scalp 30 minutes before you shower. You can store it in a mason jar to preserve it.

5- Boost your natural collagen production

Baobab oil is filled with vitamin C which is why it’s fantastic for reversing the signs of aging. Plus, it stimulates your natural production of collagen and restores aging skin to its former glory.

Baobab oil for hair and skin is an absolute must-have for this year’s skincare trends. How will you use it to look your best?