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KALAMIRA was founded in Montreal, Canada, as a way to bring the uniqueness of Madagascar’s art and décor to the rest of the world. Each piece is handcrafted from rosewood and aluminum in Madagascar. There is a deeper meaning and story behind each piece, which allows you to express your values and ideals through your wall decor and the decorative objects in your home.

Each silhouette is an abstract, allowing it to speak for everyone in a similar situation. Let KALAMIRA’s home decor items become an extension of you in the same way that your life mottos are.

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“Sharing Madagascar through timeless artwork and home decor”

KALAMIRA’s founder, Aina, was born and raised in Antananarivo, Madagascar. She settled in Montreal, Canada, a few years ago and launched this online store with the aim to share Madagascar’s beauty and timeless artwork on an international scale.

Aina realized that very few people outside Madagascar understood the depth and beauty of the country’s arts and culture. KALAMIRA is her way to bring exotic pieces and originality, combined with an appealing modern flare, into today’s interior design industry. She works with her mom to design and craft each piece with passion, making the entire process near and dear to her heart.