The Benefits of Sandalwood Powder for Your Face

If you think sandalwood is just a beautiful type of incense for your home, think again. Sandalwood comes in many forms, including sandalwood powder for your face. It is a natural way to treat a variety of different skin conditions. While it’s nothing new, it’s been increasing in popularity recently because of its proven effectiveness and healthful benefits for your skin.

Wondering how you can use sandalwood powder for your face? Here are some reasons to use it.

1- Clearing up blemishes

Skin that produces an excess of oil and sebum tends to get more cluttered with dirt, impurities and germs. They get trapped below the surface in the pores and bam! That’s how pimples and blemishes happen. Use one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with one teaspoon of milk and just a pinch of turmeric powder. It will form a paste that you’ll slather on. Let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off. Watch your skin glow afterward! It’s even effective for acne!

2- Helps tans fade

If you don’t want to get darker, you can use sandalwood powder to lighten your skin tone. Much like clearing away blemishes, you can mix sandalwood powder with milk or even honey (just make sure it’s raw, organic and unprocessed). Use it as a mask and wash off with cold water. You’ll need to do this three times a week to lighten up your skin tone to the shade you desire.

3- Turns back the hands of time

Maybe it’s Cher’s secret for turning back time. Sandalwood powder is effective for ridding you of those pesky lines that form over time, turning skin into its former firm and supple appearance. Texture improves and the signs of aging fade away. Use it as a paste for 10 minutes each day to harness the anti-aging effects of sandalwood powder.

4- Cures dry skin

Dry skin makes us look older. It makes our makeup look chalky too, and we don’t want that, do we? Try using the sandalwood powder as a paste like we discussed before. Just 30 minutes twice a week will help restore your skin to a soft and supple appearance. Your skin becomes infused with the oils contained in the sandalwood powder and becomes better and better with every use.

5- Makes dull and discolored skin ravishingly radiant

Just like it fades away unwanted tans, you can use sandalwood powder to fade hyperpigmentation. Unlike whitening creams with harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, sandalwood powder is safe as well as effective for lightening your skin. Used as a paste with milk and turmeric powder, it will reveal your best and most refreshed skin yet with dark spots fading away fast.

6- Excellent for exfoliation

If you want your skin to always look its best, you need to exfoliate it regularly. Using natural forms of exfoliation is the best way to slough off dead skin cells to reveal your best and most youthful appearance. Sandalwood powder is a fantastic natural exfoliant because it does so quite well and without irritating your skin. If you mix a tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of black chickpea powder and some rose water (or milk if you’d rather), then it will make a delightful paste. You’ll want to apply it in a circular motion. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing off to enjoy your beautifully refreshed skin.

7- Soothes and protects from environmental aggressors

If you spend any time in the sun or outdoors, all the factors from the environment can attack your skin. Free radicals from these environmental elements can do untold damages. When you cleanse them away with certain cleansers, you can strip your skin of the essential oils deep inside of it, making it age even further. What’s a gal to do? Use sandalwood powder to stop the ill effects of environmental stress. If you mix 2 tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of raw, unprocessed organic honey and one egg yolk, you’ll be left with a goopy paste that you’ll want to leave on for an hour. Doing this on the regular is going to give you that refreshed and renewed skin you’ve been missing!

It’s true that sandalwood powder has a royal ton of benefits for the skin. Using it often is going to remove unwanted blemishes, brighten your skin, keep it youthful and absolutely glowing. The best part is that sandalwood powder is non-abrasive and completely natural so you’ll never have to worry that you’re putting harmful chemicals into your skin.

Take your skin back to nature and let natural sandalwood powder be your go-to skincare item for every skin problem. One word of advice though: make sure you’re buying authentic sandalwood powder. As you may have guessed, there are a lot of cheap imitations out there. To spot a fake, you’ll need to keep a keen eye out. Generally, if the price is unusually low, it’s a sign you’re not getting the real deal.

Other ways to tell are if the powder quality isn’t refined, if there are misspellings on the ingredients or instruction manual, no contact information for customer service, or the absence of an address for the manufacturer and/or importer. Buy wisely though and you will get to reap the many amazing benefits of sandalwood powder for your face.