Top 8 Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Essential oils have been used around the world since ancient times for myriad reasons. From healing our minds to our spirits to our bodies, essential oils provide incredible benefits for a variety of ailments and issues. While they come from pure botanical sources, it’s best to understand the essential oil you choose before you use it as some need to be diluted or else it will be too powerful.

When it comes to your skin, it’s especially important to know what will take care of it best. Essential oils are fantastic for dry skin types, though some are more beneficial than others. If you’d like to bring more harmony to your dry skin, try out essential oils to see if it makes the difference you’ve been looking for.

We’ve got the details on the top 8 essential oils for dry skin. Use these on your dry skin, and you should see improvements soon.

1- Lavender, one of the most popular essential oils

This soothing essential oil is fantastic for calming your spirit and bringing you into a state of relaxation. It’s ideal for nighttime usage as it tends to help you unwind so well that you might just find yourself nodding right off into a deep and restful sleep. It also has the same soothing and calming effect on skin. Lavender essential oil is excellent at soothing irritated skin, even for dryness. When skin gets dry and flaky, applying lavender essential oil can help your skin calm down in a flash, leaving you with more radiant and hydrated skin.

2- Geranium

Geranium has such a lovely fragrance, one that is floral yet balanced. And speaking of balance, geranium essential oil is ideal for helping keep your skin balanced. For dry skin, it helps teach your skin to regulate itself so it produces the right amount of natural oils. So your skin will soon begin to function as it should in a harmonious way that leaves it looking refreshed and youthful.

3- Chamomile

Another soothing element is chamomile. If you’ve ever had a sour stomach or felt generally unpleasant during your period, drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea is a prime solution for those maladies. But it’s also ideal for keeping skin healthy too. Chamomile essential oil is wonderful for restoring skin to beautiful condition, especially if you have cracked, dry and flaky, or inflamed skin. Even those who suffer from eczema and rosacea. Because of its soothing properties, it stops the symptoms of dry skin including itching and burning irritation, leaving it softer, smoother, and more hydrated.

4- Rose

There’s a reason why you see so many skincare products with rose oil in them. That’s because rose essential oil is ideal for better skin health. The scent alone does wonders for the mind and can improve our mood in a matter of seconds. It’s an incredible moisturizer too, one that enriches the skin while conditioning it and soothing away irritation. You can add rose essential oil to your favorite lotion for an added boost to your skin as well as a delightful fragrance that lingers in the most splendid of ways.

5- Ylang Ylang

Keep the skin clean and contaminant-free naturally. This essential oil serves as a dutiful antiseptic. While it is wonderful for cleansing, it’s just as useful to help moisturize without stripping the skin or leaving oily residue behind. You’ll begin to see the nourishing effects of this essential oil. For dry skin, cleansing the skin can cause further dryness but using Ylang Ylang makes a big difference because it rids the skin of impurities and replaces moisture to totally improve the appearance of your skin.

6- Palmarosa

If you have dry skin, you really need Palmarosa essential oil in your skincare regimen today. It’s ideal for dry and aging skin. Using it helps to save your skin from the signs of aging. You can add it into your moisturizer and watch with amazement how it repairs imperfections and heals irritation. It’s also outstanding to use for protecting your skin, meaning if you start using it sooner than later, it’s likely you’ll keep your skin looking completely ageless.

7- Clary Sage

Another essential oil that helps ward off the signs of aging is Clary Sage. It functions a bit like geranium does too in that it helps to regulate your skin’s oil production, teaching it how to balance itself over time. While it’s busy keeping you wrinkle-free, it’s also a powerful de-puffing agent, great for mornings when you haven’t gotten the kind of sleep you deserved the night before.

8- Neroli

If you are trying to age gracefully yet agelessly, Neroli is an essential oil you should really try. It’s outstanding for revitalizing your skin and turning back the hands of time. Best of all, it’s gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin types. It functions well as part of a toning process, bringing tightness and elasticity back into your skin for a younger, more refreshed face.

You can try out all of these essential oils for dry skin and see which ones you like the best. Each one has a spectacular and noticeable benefit for your skin. If your skin has always been dry, prepare to be amazed at the dewy new complexion you’ll have. But if your skin has become drier over time as you’ve gotten older, the time to whip it back into youthful shape is right now.

So, what are your go-to essential oils ?

Essential oils make it entirely possible to turn back the hands of time and get your glorious glowing, perfectly moisturized skin back. Have you ever tried essential oils to repair your skin? What worked best for you?