5 Things You Should Know About Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Commonly used in aromatherapy for its astounding healthful and healing benefits, geranium bourbon essential oil is a holistic treatment that can improve your health on many levels. It has the ability to help you with physical, mental, and emotional health problems. Even the Egyptians used it, knowing full-well back then how beneficial geranium bourbon essential oil was.

This sweet-smelling essential oil can brighten your mood and bring you instant energy. Want to know more about it? Here are 5 things you should know about geranium bourbon essential oil!

1- It can eliminate wrinkles

Thanks to its astringent qualities, this essential oil can minimize the appearance of wrinkles because it can tighten your skin. It slows down the aging process for a look that is ageless. If you add a couple drops to your favorite facial cream, you’ll see a smoother, younger-looking you staring back from the mirror in 2 weeks.

2- Use it to fight infections

Because geranium bourbon essential oil is antibacterial, it stops bacteria from growing on your skin when you have a superficial wound. You can add a little directly to any cut or abrasion before bandaging to keep it free of infections. Plus, as an added bonus, it speeds up the healing process so you’ll look good as new faster.

3- Geranium bourbon essential oil expels toxins from the body

This essential oil has diuretic properties. That means it can make you urinate more frequently, which is good news if you want to clear your body of toxins. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals, sugar, sodium, heavy metals and pollutants. It’s the kind of cleansing your body can do with to feel cleaner and operate more efficiently.

4- Reduces inflammation

For those that suffer with chronic inflammation problems, using geranium bourbon essential oil can help. It has been shown to be effective in inhibiting inflammatory responses in your skin so it’s fantastic for sensitive skin types. Because of this effect, researchers went on to learn more and in 2013, discovered that this essential oil is a safer and more effective alternative to anti-inflammatory medications. It has also been shown to be beneficial for those with arthritis and for reducing chances of heart disease thanks to calming the inflamed areas.

5- Heals bug bites

Want to keep those nasty buggers away at your next backyard barbecue? Mix geranium oil with water in a spray bottle and you’ve got your own, much safer bug repellent that’s free of nasty chemicals. If you add baking soda to it, you increase the effectiveness too. And if you somehow forgot to protect yourself before going outside and wind up with a bite, you can use this mixture to take the itch out of any bug bite.

There are so many more uses for geranium bourbon essential oil that it’s astounding. Turning to a natural remedy like this one for most maladies is so much better for you and your health than other more harmful options. Have you ever tried geranium bourbon essential oil?