6 Reasons Why Madagascar is a Great Honeymoon Destination

As you might already know, I was born and raised in Madagascar, so you can expect to see many travel-related articles to promote my beloved country on a regular basis. And because I’m a hopeless romantic person, I thought it would be nice to start with this.

If you’re hoping for a tropical honeymoon destination off the beaten path, try planning your honeymoon in Madagascar. I know I know, it’s FAR (from North America), but trust me, it’s worth the long trip. It’s here on this isolated island just off the east coast of Africa where you’ll find the ideal place for a honeymoon adventure. Vibrant from the villages and towns to the pristine coastal scenes, this large island country of Africa is a majestic place to visit for your honeymoon.

Here are 6 reasons why Madagascar is a great honeymoon destination for you and your love.

1- It’s less touristy

Hawaii is overdone. And everyone goes to Bora Bora and Aruba. Madagascar isn’t filled with sleek tourist traps. It’s ideal for the honeymooning couple that is relaxed and doesn’t need to be pampered and spoiled at every turn. You’ll find camps in the rainforest where breakfast is hand-picked to guesthouses and boutique hotels in the villages and towns. Accommodations here are comfortable but they tend to be more rustic, which the adventurous newlyweds will certain enjoy.

2- The food is indulgent

You don’t need the most opulent resort in the world to have the best honeymoon experience. Food in Madagascar is incredible. It’s an eclectic blending of Malagasy, French and Asian-inspired culinary techniques. Zebu steaks, prawns, crab, and fresh fish are all specialties you must sample while in Madagascar.

3- The wildlife is among the most unique in the world

A honeymoon in Madagascar is ideal for couples that love wildlife. In Madagascar, the wildlife is among the most unusual in the world. These animals have all evolved on this large island country for millions of years, making them unlike anything else. None of these creatures are dangerous to people, making it easy to walk around and explore the parks. Among these creatures, lemurs are the most popular. There are 53 known varieties of lemurs in Madagascar. Frogs and chameleons are also worth a look. And if you enjoy birding, there are over 100 species in Madagascar. Additionally, if you’ve always wanted the opportunity to whale watch, you can do it here.

4- Perfect and pristine beaches

Why overpay for accommodations in Hawaii and have to contend with thousands of other tourists? Madagascar has plenty of perfect beaches waiting for you. The coastline is spectacular and dotted with tiny islands. This prime place is undeveloped, giving you white sandy beaches with no one on them for miles and sparkling turquoise waters. Find a spot and stick your toes in the sand for the ideal relaxing honeymoon activity.

5- Plenty of boating opportunities

Along with those beaches and islands come plenty of opportunities to charter a yacht or boat. It’s a fun way to experience the coastline and check out the surrounding islands. Also, lazing about on a yacht is a great way to get some pampering in during your honeymoon in Madagascar.

6- A visit to Antananarivo

Madagascar’s capital, often called Tana for short, is in the center of the island, 90 miles from the eastern coast. It’s on a bunch of hills, which kings generations ago would look down from. The city expanded from there to what it is today. This sprawling expanse began in 1625 when it was founded by King Andrianjaka. It’s here you can learn all about the history of this place, take in some shopping, and explore the sights. You’ll see steepled churches, red clay houses, and even a countryside filled with tombs. There’s much to see in this African island city filled with brilliant colors and friendly people. Even if Tana doesn’t have the best reputation compared to the rest of the country, I definitely recommend spending 1-2 days there for its historic features.

Despite being popularized by the animated movie, Madagascar is a truly unspoiled location that offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to get up close and personal with natural elements and animals that you may never see again. Sharing this chance with someone you love is the very pinnacle of romance.

Make your honeymoon special by going on honeymoon in Madagascar. It gives you the chance to spark your adventurous spirit and see something that most people won’t get the chance to see. Plus, being off the coast of Africa gives you a chance to extend your trip and explore the mainland if you choose. If not, you’ll have plenty of wonderful ways to keep yourselves entertained on the island of Madagascar from food to wildlife excursions to simply lazing about and watching the waves roll onto the shore.