7 of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

You’re in for a real treat when you travel to the gorgeous African island of Madagascar. It’s filled with spectacular natural beauty and an incredible diverse ecosystem unlike any other place on the planet. When you visit, you’re probably wondering which tourist attractions in Madagascar that you must see to truly make the most out of your trip. Here are 7 of the most popular tourist attractions in Madagascar, aptly nicknamed “the eighth continent.”

1- Ranomafana National Park

This is quite possibly the most popular park in Madagascar. It’s in the eastern quadrant of it though that you’ll find the most breathtaking scenes of all. Streams running through bright green hills and glimpses of the very rare and endangered golden bamboo lemur. Having the chance to see these gorgeous creatures face-to-face is one of the biggest draws for visiting this park.

2- Masoala National Park

In northeast Madagascar, this park features about 250 miles of rainforest plus 3 marine parks. You’ll also find 10 different lemur species here, plus an incredible variety of birds and reptiles. If you’re keen to snorkel or kayak, you’ll definitely want to head to the marine parks – Tampolo, Ambodilaitry, and Ifaho.

3- Andasibe-Mantadia

Because it’s so close to the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo, this national park is one of the easiest to check off your Madagascar attractions bucket list. You’ll find the largest lemur in the country, the Indri, here as well. Guided tours are available of this park which is split into 2 sections – Analamazoatra Reserve and Mantadia National Park.

4- Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

When in Madagascar, do as the royals do. Or did, rather. This place is considered one of the most sacred spots in the country for 500 years. It’s a historical village that the royalty of Madagascar once called home. The surrounding village wall was built in 1847. Inside, you’ll find the former home to King Andrianampoinmerina. The walls within were constructed from rosewood, and you’ll have the chance to look at a variety of artifacts from the time period as well. An interesting spot for historical tourist attractions enthusiasts.

5- Avenue of the Baobabs

The baobab tree is popular in Africa and in Madagascar, that’s no exception. What makes this group of trees that line the dirt road the runs between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina so distinctive is the incredible landscape. It’s so distinguished that tourists from every corner of the world come to see it. These baobab trees are up to 800 years old. They weren’t always alone. These majestic trees once were part of a tropical forest. Thanks to agriculture, the forests were cleared away and now only these incredible trees remain. And if you go even more in the South of Madagascar, you’ll meet Antandroy people and be amazed at their culture. (KALAMIRA has designed one wall decor item dedicated to the Antandroy features)

6- Nosy Be

It’s an island of Madagascar, albeit a small one. Still, it manages to draw thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year. The beaches here are an ideal spot to find oneself. While beaches in other island locales seem to turn more heads, the beaches on the island of Nosy Be are quiet and calm. Plus, there are plenty of dining opportunities here, making it a nice island escape for two.

7- Ile Sainte Marie

Just off the east coast, this island of Madagascar is what lured the pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, you’ll be able to see the wrecks of a few pirate ships. A prime view is possible from the shallow waters at the Baie Des Forbans. This Madagascar destination is one of the most popular thanks to the rich and intriguing pirate history as well as the calm and clear waters in the bays of this island. Snorkeling is intensely popular here, with plenty to explore under the tranquil waters. Plus, the humpback whales migrate to the waters here in the summer and in the early fall. Getting a glimpse of these amazing creatures is one of the best attractions you can hope to find in Madagascar.

The tourist attractions in Madagascar that are most popular revolve around the resplendent natural landscapes and wildlife. Coming to Madagascar is an adventure, one that is ideal for those that love getting out into the outdoors and experiencing and exploring the world. In order to best enjoy your time in Madagascar, it’s wise to plan your adventures in advance and consider the time of year you’ll be visiting.

However, with so many beautiful opportunities to take on a new adventure daily, it’s highly likely your Madagascar vacation will give you the most brilliant memories of your life.