Vacation in Madagascar : 6 Spots You Need to Visit

Madagascar might be an island that’s like a world all its own, however there are plenty of places you’ve got to visit when you vacation in Madagascar. Many people are surprised to find that it’s one of the largest islands in the world, so there’s much to do and see here. So how do you narrow that down on your vacation in Madagascar? We’ve selected 6 spots you need to visit if you plan to go on vacation in Madagascar.

1- Antananarivo

Of course, being the capital, this is one spot you need to stop in during your vacation in Madagascar. The streets are built along sacred hills that wind along a rocky and narrow ridge. It was easy to protect the capital from this perch by simply fortifying the ridge. Now it’s a prime place to enjoy panoramic views with a drink in hand or wander along the cobblestoned lanes dotted with churches and pretty little houses. You’ll find a museum, shops with crafts and delightfully elegant restaurants, making it a romantic destination.

2- Antsirabe

Stop here on your way from the capital before you head to Ranomafana National Park and you won’t be sorry. This town is known for semi-precious gem workshops and cute craft stalls, a great place to get something to remember your adventures by. See this town by riding around in rickshaws for a fun twist. And the weather is very temperate, making it to be an enjoyable place to wind up any time of the year.

3- Antsiranana

Until 1975, it was known as Diego Suarez. It’s the capital of the northernmost province of Madagascar. Find yourself here and you’ll find yourself in paradise. The harbors surrounded with mountains plus the uniquely diverse population makes this a place so distinctive that you’ll never see anything like it again. Back in 1942, it was the sight of a battle where many British soldiers lost their lives. A cemetery in town commemorates them.

It’s also a place that leads to the bigger national parks, but if you rush through here you’ll miss out on the colonial architecture, a bustling market, an old military quarter and many other sights. It’s a lovely way to spend time walking around, plus you’ll find many hotels and dining opportunities, not to mention baobabs, birds and brown lemurs to gawk at.

4- Tulear

This important port city is best to visit from the end of September to March. It’s during this time that the flame trees are in bloom, providing the landscape with bright colors. Hotels here are comfortable and even have swimming pools. This simple luxury is a nice break from adventuring outdoors during your rustic expeditions. It’s a wonderful place to unwind, where you can wander about the bustling streets and shop at the markets. It’s here you’ll find a traditional lamba or even a mohair rug to take back home with you. Ideal for escaping the ruggedness of Madagascar’s adventures for a spell, this is a nice place to pop in for a more pampered experience.

5- Nosy Be

It literally means “big island” in the language of Malagasy. It was originally called Assada in the 17th century, and has been through many nicknames. However, whatever you want to call it, Nosy Be is the undisputed largest and busiest tourist area in the northwest coast. This island off the coast is a beautiful place for enjoying the beach life. Snorkeling and kayaking are great ways to fill your time. So is sitting at one of the resorts with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand. Why not do a little of everything and truly have it all?

6- Mahajanga

This favorite tourist destination for travelers to Madagascar is a huge draw. It features beautiful beaches, a boardwalk lined with coconuts called Le Bord, and is one of the best places in the island country for good weather. Indeed, Mahajanga features a solid 8 months of hot and almost completely rain-free weather. It’s here where you can luxuriate at resorts, enjoy dining and indulging in the finer things, however it’s just as easy to take on a more rustic journey from here to see the sights of Madagascar that are unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Are you ready to take on a vacation in Madagascar? Make it adventurous. Make it luxurious. Or make it a little of both. After all, it’s your vacation in Madagascar!