Welcome to KALAMIRA!

If you happen to stumble upon this blog post, chances are you’ve been following the process of making KALAMIRA happen for awhile or you’ve been shopping online, looking for original decorative objects to enhance your home. Either way, welcome to our store!

Our goal is to provide you with products you’ll want to keep in your home for the long haul. Hopefully one of them (if not more!) will meet your very own requirements, design-wise.

On a personal level, it’s been a long journey so far and I’m looking forward to more! More content (I’m passionate about Madagascar, hint hint), a lot of upcoming promotional offers, more products, etc. KALAMIRA still has room for improvement when it comes to the shopping experience. Definitely. So, please feel free to contact us for any comment or question, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Speaking of shopping experience, my personal favorite item is the Mira MaskIt has really been a great conversation topic everytime I have my friends over… and it still is!